SOMICAT is a leading company in the bedding and geriatrics sectors
      With more than 20 years experience, all our products are thought and created to satisfy your needs.

      Welcome to the FACTORY OF DREAMS

      Fixed mattress bases, bunk beds and trundle beds, manual joints, electric joints, lift up mattress bases, mattresses, pillows, accesories, geriatric beds, electric jointed beds, railings, furniture and complements.


      We have the service, quality and price you need

      Our matresess are in diferent sizes and firmness, made with the best known materials and without giving up the craftwork which represents us.

      Atention to details, using most suited fabrics and the most important thing, mattresses with personality at very competitive prices without giving up quality.



      Resting well is vitally important for your health, sleeping is a need and you should always search for what best adapts to your needs.


      Our I+D department is always working in order to improve and offer best solutions for you.

      With our jointed beds you will be able to enjoy more pleasant, restorative and comforting. This depends on various factors, we provide you with the most suitable set, your physical and mental health will be thankful. All possible thanks to an easy to use controller. You will be able to raise the header to read, relax, meditate or watching TV.

      Done with lots of care for old or convalescing people

      We have a large catalog specialized in geriatrics to give people with diseases, recoverings or old age. Always with resistant and good quality details.

      Our objective is to help people who are in need of an easier life. We do what best adapts to their needs


      Home and hospitalita

      Somieres Fijos, Camas Nido y literas, Articulación Manual, Articulación Eléctrica, Bases y Canapés, Colchones, Almohadas y Accesorios.

      Geriatrics and Orthopedics

      Cama Geriátrica Elevable, Cama Articulada Manual, Cama Articulada Eléctrica, Colchones, Barandillas, Mobiliario Clínico y Complementos.


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