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      • We are an established company for more than 30 years, being one of the first industries in Cataluña, that has always been characterized by producing mattresses with the best and highest quality, besides offering an excellent customer service. SOMICAT mattresses, it is the most modern and pioneering factory of the market in terms of machinery and design.
        It is important to mention that we manufacture all kinds of mattresses and we have special lines for each type of channel, like: specialty stores, department stores, furniture stores, hotels, hospitals, government institutions, etc.

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        • MISSION

        • Our mission is to attend the needs of rest of society, manufacturing mattresses of high quality using the highest technology, providing our customers the best product with the best price-quality ratio.
          Also, always respecting the environment; our raw material is strictly selected by our R+D department that complies with all regulations and market demands.
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        • VISION

        • Our vision is to always be a leading company and constantly growing, with national presence that is distinguished by providing and innovative product, of high quality at market prices.
          Currently, SOMICAT Mattresses is growing constantly and has reached a solid and significant presence regarding the mattresses market in SPAIN.
          Our goal is to make life easier for those in need; we have what best suits your needs and yours.

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